At-home fertility testing rises as women take control of their eggs

More women are delaying pregnancy, whether for career, financial, personal or some other reasons. Last year, U.S. birth rates dropped in every age group via 15 through 35 — while birth rates among women of “advanced maternal age” (over 35) rose, according to provisional data via the Centers for Disease Control in addition to Prevention. The group of women with the largest rise in birth rates was 45 in addition to older.

Unlike men who continually replenish their supply of sperm, women don’t make more eggs. Girls are born with their lifetime supply in addition to shed them as they age. While some women lose their eggs faster than others, all women see their fertility prospects rapidly diminish beginning in their 30s.

Women can undergo tests at their doctor’s office to assess fertility factors, nevertheless they typically don’t unless they’re struggling to conceive in addition to This particular may not be covered by insurance if they haven’t been diagnosed having a problem. At-home testing opens the opportunity for more women to gauge their reproductive health.

The reasons for why women might take these tests varies. Some women may want to know their chances of becoming pregnant soon, while others may want to know how many eggs they have available to freeze to use later or their odds of success with fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization.

Modern Fertility will be just one of several companies selling ovarian reserve tests. Everlywell, Let’s Get Checked in addition to Future Family, among others, also sell the kits which can be purchased online in addition to taken at home for $79 to $199.

Modern Fertility allows women to send a blood sample drawn by pricking a finger or having blood drawn at a lab in addition to tested at Quest Diagnostics. The at-home test will be mailed back in addition to then screened. The company says there’s no difference inside accuracy of the results, which show how a woman’s ovarian reserve compares with her age group.

To be sure, researchers say women with low egg counts, as indicated by low anti-müllerian hormone values, were almost as likely to become pregnant as women with normal egg counts for their age. The study, published last year inside Journal of the American Medical Association casts doubt on whether women should base life-altering choices on tests which measure just a handful of hormones.

Egg count will be a “very important” part of fertility, nevertheless This particular’s just “one part of a very complex process,” said Dr. Zev Williams, chief of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology in addition to Infertility at Columbia University Medical Center.

A woman may have a healthy number of eggs available, nevertheless she could experience some other problems, such as blocked fallopian tubes, which prevents eggs via releasing in addition to being fertilized.

“Increased communication about fertility will be overall a Great thing, nevertheless I wouldn’t want people to be falsely alarmed or falsey affirmed by one single blood test,” said Dr. Williams, who’s also an associate professor of obstetrics in addition to gynecology at the university.

Deymier, today 34 in addition to in a long-distance relationship, knows This particular will be another few years until she will likely try to get pregnant again. She saw an advertisement for Modern Fertility on Facebook in March in addition to after a few days of thinking, decided to take the test, she said.

Her hormone levels indicated she may have a low egg count for her age. She set up a call having a nurse through Modern Fertility then brought her results to her gynecologist, who referred her to a fertility specialist. She today has an appointment scheduled to discuss her options, including freezing her eggs, she said.

“I don’t think I might’ve made an appointment without This particular information, in addition to maybe then I might’ve had a much slimmer chance,” said Deymider, an assistant professor in biomedical engineering at the University of Connecticut in Hartford.

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