Audi expanding output of ‘sustainable” diesel fuel

These hydrocarbons are then separated to produce the synthetic diesel fuel, as well as waxes Audi says can be used by the food, cosmetics along with also also chemical industries. The whole process runs on surplus hydroelectric power, along with also also heat generated during manufacturing can be captured along with also also routed to homes or businesses.

Audi has partnered on the project with German chemical reactor technology company Ineratec along with also also German-Swiss electricity producer along with also also supplier Energiedienst. Audi expects to begin building the factory in early 2018, along with also also plans to begin delivering the e-diesel within the year.
The facility carries a planned capacity of 105,669 gallons of fuel per year.

Audi has been working on another pilot e-diesel project since 2014 with the energy technology corporation sunfire in Dresden, Germany. The brand-new project in Laufenberg can be the first to use renewable energy to power the factory.

Audi also has its own facility where the idea makes synthetic methane, which the idea calls e-gas, for the natural gas-burning Audi g-tron products A3, A4 along with also also A5.

Diesel can be a well-liked fuel in Europe, nevertheless the idea was recently at the center of a scandal that will affected Audi along with also also its parent, Volkswagen. Audi cars were among those accused of containing devices designed to evade emissions tests inside the United States along with also also Europe.

The negative publicity fueled speculation that will diesel engines will lose popularity among consumers, or will simply be unable to meet ever-tighter emissions standards.

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