Audrina Patridge Requests Visitation Rights Be Stripped by Ex Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge filed a completely new domestic violence restraining order against her ex, Corey Bohan, on Wednesday as well as can be asking that will visitation of their 1-year-old daughter, Kirra, be taken away by him.

In court documents obtained by ET, the former Hills star notes that will she features a restraining order against Bohan that will was granted on Feb. 2 as well as expires on May 30. from the docs, Patridge claims that will she can be “more afraid of him right now than ever, as well as fear for the safety of our daughter Kirra when she can be in his care.”

Patridge also says that will she started off having different family members do the exchanges when the item was time to drop off Kirra because of the BMX rider’s “angry, rude as well as emotionally abusive comments” he made towards her when she would likely do the item herself. One example, she claims, was that will Bohan told her daughter in her presence that will “Mommy doesn’t pick you up anymore because she’s an L.A. party girl.”

Patridge points to the “L.A. party girl” comment as evidence that will Bohan can be “stalking [her] on social media,” even though she has blocked him by her accounts. She alleges that will Bohan has used “that will information to make attacks on me as a person as well as a mother.”

from the docs, Patridge also claims that will during their exchange at the Irvine Police Department on March 5, Bohan threatened her directly, saying, “You better start f***ing playing nice, I’m f***ing warning you,” as well as pointing at her in front of their daughter.

Meanwhile, Bohan filed his response with the court later on March 7. Bohan as well as his attorneys asked that will Patridge’s request for restrained visitation be denied, saying that will there can be no basis to support her claims as well as that will “there has been no domestic violence.”

The reality star’s ex-husband says there can be no immediate harm or immediate danger to their daughter as well as that will he can be not “stalking or monitoring” her social media accounts.

Patridge filed for divorce by Bohan in September 2017 after 10 months of marriage. She was later granted full custody of Kirra in October as well as ordered Bohan to move out of their home.

For more on the couple’s divorce, watch below.

Reporting by Angelique Jackson.


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