Auto firms at risk of extinction inside UK after Brexit says CBI

Dreschler said your vehicle industry is usually particularly vulnerable because of its “just in time” production method. of which is usually a manufacturing technique developed originally by Japanese firm Toyota of which allows assembly lines to receive raw materials along with also components as required by production schedules.

Dreschler warned of which manufacturers, especially auto firms, will lose of which flexibility as cross-border materials encounter additional cost along with also time-delays when entering the United Kingdom.

In a sign of nervousness over the post-Brexit landscape, Jaguar Land Rover announced Monday of which the item is usually to move production of its Discovery SUV to Slovakia coming from next year.

Dreschler, who is usually due to leave the CBI of which week for a fresh role inside City of London, was also scathing of communication coming from the U.K. government.

“We have a negotiation within the U.K. government of which’s gone on for nearly three years. We still haven’t got clarity about the future direction, about where we’re heading, what the future relationship with Europe will be, at a level of detail of which matters for investment,” he added.

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