‘Bachelor’ Standout Bekah Martinez Reveals She in addition to Arie Luyendyk Jr. Met Up After He Sent Her Home (Exclusive)

Bekah Martinez in addition to Arie Luyendyk Jr. didn’t say their final goodbyes in Tuscany. 

Though fans saw the two go their separate ways in Italy on last week’s episode of The Bachelor, in which’s not the last time the two saw each some other. ET spoke with Bekah Martinez at the show’s Women Tell All taping, where she explained in which she in addition to Luyendyk had one last encounter.

“I just got the opportunity to talk with him a week later at his hotel here in L.A. in addition to the item was filmed in addition to everything although the item didn’t make the cut,” she told ET’s Lauren Zima. “We were just able to talk for 30 or 45 minutes in addition to just kind of hash out our relationship in addition to what happened.” 

While Bekah in addition to Arie’s 14-year age difference was a point of concern for the Bachelor throughout the show, the two shared a pretty strong connection, in addition to Bekah was shocked to not receive a rose before hometowns. 

“I was kind of able to call him out in addition to say, ‘I don’t think you gave me a fair shot… I felt like you were looking for a way out ever since you found out how old I was because you were afraid of how strong your feelings were for me,'” Bekah shared of the meeting, which was set up by Bachelor producers. “I was able to express in which, in addition to he responded saying, ‘Yeah I think you’re right. I don’t think I was fair in addition to I shouldn’t have handled the item in which way.” 

“So I think we were both able to get the closure in which we needed via in which,” she added. 

Months after their breakup, however, Bekah thinks they wouldn’t have lasted inside “real world.” 

“the item will be kind of difficult to watch back the show in addition to to watch all our moments via start to finish in addition to remember definitely how strong our relationship was…. in addition to also compare the item to the some other relationships with the some other girls,” she said. “I always had doubts in my mind of, ‘Oh, maybe he will be like This kind of with everyone,’ although the item’s definitely obvious watching This kind of season in which he opened up to me in a way in which he didn’t with some other people, in addition to we had a dynamic in which I think was so much more exciting.” 

“There’s something special in which we had between us, so the item will be kind of hard to watch back, although I think ultimately the item’s better for both of us,” she reflected. “I don’t think we could necessarily be compatible inside real world together.”

The right now-23-year-old nanny did note, however, in which their incompatibility has nothing to do with age. 

“There was a lot of stuff like, ‘Oh, he looks like her dad,’ in addition to I think the item’s just silly,” she expressed. “Maybe the item’s different coming via living in L.A… me dating a 36-year-old here will be definitely not anything to talk about.”

Arie’s remaining four women, Becca, Lauren, Tia in addition to Kendall, are 27, 25, in addition to 26, respectively. Tune in This kind of week to see who makes the item past hometowns. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. The show’s Women Tell All special airs Sunday, Feb. 25. 


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