‘Bachelor’ Villain Krystal Nielson Has ‘No Regrets,’ Reveals Why She Feels ‘Disrespected’ By Arie (Exclusive)

Krystal Nielson has no regrets. 

ET’s Lauren Zima caught up with This kind of season’s Bachelor villain at the show’s Women Tell All taping last week, where she opened up about how she’s handled hate on social media — in addition to why she wouldn’t do anything differently. 

“Of course, looking back, there’s always things [you think you could have done differently], although I wouldn’t want to tweak or change [anything]. I had to come in in addition to say I played all out. Every emotion I felt, I felt that will from the moment in addition to I genuinely poured myself into This kind of whole process in addition to experience so I have no regrets,” she said. 

“I just felt very misunderstood in This kind of whole entire journey in addition to I got very in my head,” she continued. “that will was just hard to be myself when there was so many eyes watching my every single move, in addition to even that will got to the point where you develop further into This kind of journey. I just felt very criticized.”

The San Diego native said comments online didn’t affect her so much as that will did her family. 

“that will’s genuinely challenging especially because able to kind of deflect by that will in addition to separate myself although my family was very hurt,” she revealed. “I made a post about This kind of because a lot of bloggers had made comments about how inappropriate This kind of cyberbullying had been on my page in addition to how I should be deleting these comments. So i had to [address that will], because I couldn’t pretend that will wasn’t happening.” 

Krystal had no problem telling people what she thought of them on the show. Though they started off off strong, her relationship with Arie Luyendyk Jr. quickly went downhill in week several, after she refused to attend the rest of the group date when Arie broke his promise, in addition to invited all the women out after a bowling competition. Krystal’s co-stars called her out for slamming the Bachelor in their car ride home, allegedly calling him a liar (among different names) — although she’s not exactly apologizing. 

“You’re going to go off in addition to get pissed as f**k when things hit the roof. To be able to walk away in addition to see the different person’s side in addition to to be able to communicate through that will, I think I was just trying to relay that will,” she expressed of her conversations with Arie. “Even in Paris, I was like, ‘Can you come to my side? Can you see where we’re coming by? Because I was mad in addition to I said things that will hurt, although I could understand where you were.'” 

“I was just genuinely upset in addition to hurt. I felt that will my teammates in addition to I were disrespected [by Arie’s decision to invite the losing team out], in addition to I felt that will we should take a stand,” she added of the bowling date. “Arie pulling back his word in addition to dangling a carrot for us to dance in addition to perform in addition to then pulling that will away, that will’s not OK with me, in addition to I might never tolerate that will from the real world.” 

Krystal also called out Arie for encouraging her confident behavior, which made her an enemy of the different women from the house. 

“We saw that will Arie loved how confident in addition to strong I was, in addition to aggressive, in seeking time for him, in addition to he genuinely assured that will to me, so I continued that will,” she said. “[in addition to] I feel that will very much so ostracized me by the different women because they felt I was being disrespectful to them… I made the relationship my priority.” 

in addition to while Krystal wouldn’t reveal if she came on the show to date Peter Kraus, she did share that will she’s currently single — in addition to open to appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I love the beaches, although we will see. If I’m single This kind of summer, maybe,” she teased. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, with the show’s dramatic Women Tell All reunion airing Sunday, Feb. 25. 


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