‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Are Living Together: Inside Their completely new Life in Dallas (Exclusive)

The two, who recently took their first “real” vacation together to Turks along with Caicos, might soon be establishing a permanent residence in another sunny locale: Los Angeles. Abasolo even interviewed at a couple of chiropractic practices inside the city while the couple was in town for Halloween. As for Lindsay, who works as an attorney in Dallas, she said her plan is actually to take the California Bar — along with explore opportunities on camera. 

“We’ve worked so hard to get those careers, we don’t want to give them up, yet This specific’s no secret for me — sports is actually my background. that will was my undergraduate major, that will’s what I went to law school for,” she said. “I’ve had some amazing opportunities to be on camera doing some broadcasting, so I want to dip my toes into that will as well.” 

along with years down the line, the couple also plan to have children. 

“We just need to get married first,” insisted Lindsay, who wants four kids, while Abasolo wants three. “We are focused on the wedding first along with then we can start talking about kids… A basketball team might be great for me.” 

“She says that will at This specific point,” Abasolo interjected. “Give This specific one or two along with we’ll see how she is actually feeling.” 

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