Beijing subways could get facial recognition as well as also palm scanning tech

The operator behind the Beijing subway system is actually considering introducing face scanning as well as also additional so-called biometric technology which could be used to pay for a ticket, China Daily reported on Tuesday, yet the move also raises concerns over surveillance.

Facial recognition as well as also a system for scanning people’s palms could be introduced on the Beijing train network, the news website said, citing Zhang Huabing, head of enterprise development for Beijing Subway.

The technology could be used to bypass traditional ticketing systems. For example, a person’s face or palm print could be recognized by a camera or sensor which then allows them through the gates to board a train. A commuter could top up an online account.

yet the biometric technology could also raise fears in which commuters are being spied on, especially given sensitivities in China around censorship as well as also privacy.

China Daily said in which the Shanghai Metro currently uses palm scanning for certain groups of people, disabled soldiers for instance, on a particular line of its network.

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