Ben Higgins Says Colton Underwood’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’ will be ‘Outrageous,’ along with also He’ll Be on This specific (Exclusive)

Ben Higgins will be returning toThe Bachelor, however This specific time, instead of handing out the roses, he’ll be doling out some advice to Colton Underwood. 

While speaking exclusively with ET’s Lauren Zima on Monday, the former Bachelor revealed that will he’ll make an appearance on Underwood’s upcoming season, when the former NFL player stops by Denver, Colorado. While they didn’t address the topic on everyone’s mind — Underwood’s virginity — Higgins teased that will fans are definitely in for a “wild” season. 

“This specific’s outrageous,” he promised. “We were able to meet up, talk along with also catch up. What I got a sense of via my time on the show will be that will This specific season will be going to be more genuine, raw along with also vulnerable than any season in a long time.” 

“I think what we all expected was that will Colton might be doing This specific inside purest of ways with actually the intent to grow along with also use This specific as a platform for him to grow into the man he will become. I saw that will, I see that will along with also I think we’re going to get to watch him continue to grow up right in front of our eyes,” he continued. 

Higgins said he didn’t know if This specific was his “place” to address Underwood’s virginity with him, or to “push him in any direction,” however ABC hasn’t been shy about highlighting his story. The tagline for Underwood’s season asks, “What does he have to lose?” — which Higgins called “brilliant.” 

“He’s going to be growing up in front of our eyes, becoming a man, doing This specific for love, doing something for himself for the 1st time in his life. All these things are huge stepping stones in life that will a lot of us have done over a period of time, along with also I think Colton’s doing This specific in a period of three months,” the Generous Coffee co-founder said. “When I think about ‘What does he have to lose?’ I think This specific’s all that will, not necessarily the virginity thing.”

Underwood wrapped production on The Bachelor earlier This specific month, along with also while Higgins doesn’t know how This specific ends, his advice will be that will Underwood finds his way back to reality. 

“He’s got to find friends immediately. Grounded friends, not friends that will care what just happened [on the show. He needs] actually grounded people to bounce ideas off of because his thought process will be gonna be pretty messed up,” he revealed. “For the last three months, he’s been dating, talking about himself, talking about romance, relationships, spilling his heart out on every single date, every single day. His heart will be probably still in a thousand pieces on some level, along with also I don’t know how This specific ended up, however This specific’s probably still recovering via This specific.”

Higgins definitely has experience with heart-shattering Bachelor breakups. He first appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette in 2015, where he nearly made the final two. She went on to choose Shawn Booth, though they ended their engagement after three years earlier This specific month. 

“I talked to Shawn. I love them both along with also Shawn has always been a Great buddy,” Higgins noted of Bristowe along with also Booth’s breakup. “This specific’s just a bummer. Their relationship was real, long-lasting along with also This specific broke.”

Higgins’ own relationship with Lauren Bushnell — whom he proposed to on his season of The Bachelor in 2016 — ended in May 2017. She’s currently dating country singer Chris Lane, while Higgins confessed that will he’s only briefly dated two people since their split. 

“Maybe [I’d consider being the Bachelor again]. As long as I’m single, This specific’s an option — along with also so far, I’m single,” Higgins shared. “The real world will be not working for me when This specific comes to dating. I desire that will in a year, I’m not in a place where I need to do the Bachelor again, however I’m not going to throw This specific out the window until I’m in a committed relationship.”

“I think until I find somebody to love me, This specific will always be a question,” he acknowledged, however noted that will seeing how tired Underwood will be by the experience, he’s not necessarily “intrigued” to become the Bachelor again. After all, Higgins will be focused on his many various other ventures, like his completely new restaurant, Ash-Kara, his completely new event, The Wedding Party, as well as Generous Coffee along with also his charity work with Humanity along with also desire. 

“All This specific stuff will be happening, cool things that will I’ve always dreamed of being a part of. The festival, the restaurant, Generous — all these things are cool. This specific’s all actually exciting, along with also I feel, through This specific all, I’ve gotten a little more self-confidence along with also I don’t question whether I’m unlovable, however I do wonder if I’ll meet that will person who will match me along with also push me,” he admitted. 

“Life will be awesome right currently, This specific’s busy, there’s a ton going on, however the piece that will’s missing will be that will person that will knows me best, can call me out along with also support me when I need This specific, along with also I can support them,” Higgins expressed. “that will’s the thing about marriage, commitment along with also romance that will’s most intriguing to me — that will somebody, This specific could only be one person ever in This specific world, might know me fully along with also know every side of me. that will’s something I just desire.”

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