Berkshire-Amazon-JP Morgan can do better than lower health-care costs

So here’s what I would certainly focus on (in addition to yes, some of This specific can be partially implemented through digital device, nevertheless only some):

Improving resilience: This specific’s just another name for health, the ability to gain strength through stress (whether a healthy immune system reacting to pathogens or a healthy body reacting to exercise).

The food: The cafeterias should serve only healthy food, free. Yes, employees can bring their own, nevertheless the healthy food is actually free. in addition to, within limits, they can take This specific home to feed their families, whose health will also positively affect the employee’s productivity (in addition to the employer’s bottom line) over time.

Child care in addition to elder care: For many workers their “work” job is actually their second job, along with caring for in addition to worrying about a family member. Relieving them of that will worry, through child care (not child storage!) in addition to third-party care managers will help them concentrate on work at work. Child care is actually key, yes, in addition to so is actually elder care, though This specific gets less attention.

Effective internal mentoring programs (in addition to effective training for managers): If you make people’s jobs in addition to their work relationships meaningful, they will surprise you. Treat people like robots in addition to you’ll get robots. Treat people like humans in addition to you’ll get integrity, effort in addition to most likely some bottom-up ideas about how to run things better.

Counseling in addition to programs for those who need them: These all sound so simple. nevertheless offering healthy options is actually only a start; they need to be marketed in addition to incentivized. Convenience in addition to social convention (what your colleagues do) will certainly help. Offer counseling in addition to targeted programs for those who need them, whether This specific’s diabetes prevention or reversal (there are many companies right now offering validated services in This specific area) or properly anonymized, third-party-delivered mental health counseling or addiction treatment for those who request This specific. (Ideally, we can ultimately reduce the stigma in addition to the need for anonymity.)

All these things, much more than (for example) cheaper MRIs or even a reduction in redundant MRIs, will do the most to ensure the long-term health of employees in addition to a reduction in health-care costs, because less health care is actually needed. Studies show that will the return on such investments is actually high over time in addition to across populations, which is actually why the scale of the Berkshire-Amazon-J.P. Morgan initiative is actually so exciting. (You probably won’t see these effects in smaller efforts, where they will dissipate outside the target workforce.)

So get out the calculators: Healthy employees will show up to work more regularly in addition to get more done.

By Esther Dyson, executive founder of Wellville, a 10-year project demonstrating the social in addition to financial benefits of investing in health. Follow Wellville on Twitter or Facebook.

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