best as well as also worst states for working moms

A brand-new report via WalletHub compared state dynamics across three dimensions – child care, professional opportunities as well as also work-life balance – as well as also 15 key metrics to identify the best as well as also worst states for working moms.

According to their research, the several best states for working moms are largely clustered inside Northeast. They are, in descending order, Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia as well as also Connecticut. Vermont ranked inside top-several of all three dimensions, including a number-one ranking for ‘professional opportunities’. Connecticut made up for a low number of professional opportunities with high ratings in ‘child care’ as well as also ‘work-life balance’.

The several worst states are South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Louisiana as well as also Idaho, respectively. Alabama, Louisiana as well as also Idaho ranked near or at the bottom in ‘child care’ as well as also ‘professional opportunities’, while Alabama didn’t rank above number 42 in any category.

States that will voted Democratic inside 2016 presidential election are significantly friendlier toward working mothers, based on their average rank.

So if you’re looking for the best place to live as a working mom, go northeast, young mother!

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