Bitcoin-related names dominated among website domains registered in November

Verisign’s analysis comes coming from its database of more than 300 million globally registered domain names.

Paul Nicks, vice president of GoDaddy’s domain name aftermarket, affirmed Verisign’s findings. Nicks told CNBC in which GoDaddy has seen interest in coin-related domains “increase in addition to decrease as the cost in addition to news cycle around the currency fluctuates.”

So far in 2017, GoDaddy says domain names containing “bitcoin” have quadrupled in which of last year, while those containing “ethereum” have more than quintupled.

The dominant popularity matches the soaring interest — in addition to concern — coming from investors, who increasingly see bitcoin as the most crowded trade within the entire world. Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s December global fund manager survey released Tuesday found in which 32 percent of respondents named bitcoin as the most crowded trade within the financial world, up coming from 26 percent in September when the digital currency first led the list.

One bitcoin is actually worth more than $18,000, having roughly quadrupled in value since September. Controversy abounds regarding cryptocurrency’s surge, exemplified by the U.S. Securities in addition to Exchange Commission temporarily suspending trading Tuesday in shares of The Crypto Co., whose stock has surged more than 2,700 percent This particular month.

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