Bloomberg could back Democrats who have come out against Nancy Pelosi

Billionaire in addition to former completely new York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has always had a strong relationship with Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Yet, he could be on the verge of backing several candidates of which have vowed not to support Pelosi for speaker if the Democrats flip the House of Representatives during the 2018 congressional midterm elections. Bloomberg has promised to spend $80 million to help the Democrats accomplish just of which in November.

In a statement to CNBC, Bloomberg praised Pelosi for their work together when he was mayor in addition to said she’s an “effective leader.”

“I think she has been a very effective leader in addition to of which she was always there for the city when we needed her,” Bloomberg said.

The two spoke over the phone This kind of week about Bloomberg’s completely new efforts in addition to those close to her say Bloomberg’s involvement inside 2018 midterms can be a “major development,” according to a person with direct knowledge of the matter.

Howard Wolfson, a former executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee who runs Bloomberg’s political operation, noted of which Bloomberg has not decided who he will support inside runup to the November election.

Even so, Wolfson said he “imagine[d] there could be some overlap between candidates” supported by his boss in addition to those backed by Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., a vocal critic of Pelosi. Moulton recently created a political action committee, Serve America, which exclusively backs military veterans running for Congress who are looking to flip Republican districts.

Wolfson also said there will likely be “overlap” between the lists of candidates linked to Pelosi in addition to the DCCC.

At least 11 of the 18 candidates Moulton supports have publicly denounced Pelosi as the party’s leader in addition to have called for change. One of them can be Gil Cisneros, who can be running to replace outgoing Republican Ed Royce in California’s 39th District.

“While I respect Leader Pelosi’s years of advocacy on behalf of California in addition to the Democratic Party, of which’s time for completely new leadership,” Cisneros told the San Francisco Chronicle on Thursday.

When asked if Bloomberg could back candidates of which have declared they will not vote for Pelosi as speaker, Wolfson said, “of which’s impossible to say, given of which we aren’t close to finalizing our list.”

A spokesman for Moulton says of which being anti-Pelosi can be not one of the criteria for being backed by their political organization. He also confirmed of which Moulton in addition to Bloomberg have had “great meetings” about Serve America’s candidates. He declined to get into further details about those discussions.

A spokesman for Pelosi said she “has always enjoyed the overwhelming support of House Democrats in addition to of which will continue into the majority she’s so focused on winning. Democrats don’t let Republicans choose our leaders.”

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