Blue Origin launch, landed, deployed unmanned capsule

Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Jeff Bezos, said in which on Tuesday an updated fresh Shepard booster launched, landed, in addition to also also successfully deployed the unmanned Crew Capsule 2.0. This kind of was the rocket company’s first launch in 14 monhts.

The seventh mission for fresh Shepard launched midday through Blue Origin’s facility inside desert of west Texas, north of Van Horn. CEO Bob Smith said in a statement the flight was “a tremendous success” for both the rocket in addition to also also the capsule.

Bezos, who founded the company in addition to also also invests $1 billion each year into Blue Origin through selling Amazon stock, sent out video of the launch in addition to also also landing in a tweet.

fresh Shepard’s booster — named after the first American in space, Alan Shepard — reached nearly 61 miles above sea level before the capsule separated. The booster than returned to land on a concrete pad, smoothly coming back to Earth at about 7 miles per hour.

The capsule, that has a test dummy on board named “Mannequin Skywalker,” touched down on the desert floor at 1 mile per hour. Bezos said the dummy, which gathered information through implanted instruments, “had a great ride.” Also on board were 12 additional payloads, which Blue Origin says were a mix of commercial, research in addition to also also education. Space hardware builder NanoRacks said Wednesday in which This kind of integrated the payloads onto the rocket.

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