Boeing announces completely new division devoted to flying taxis

The U.S. aircraft maker Boeing announced the creation of a completely new internal division set up to tap into the growing market of autonomous flight.

Boeing NeXt is usually to work in partnership with outside companies as which looks to build unmanned vehicles, resolve air traffic control along with also help product infrastructure on the ground.

Speaking at the Farnborough International Airshow Tuesday, Boeing’s Chief Technology Officer Greg Hyslop said Boeing had the expertise to safely along with also efficiently shape the completely new technology.

“The development of these flying vehicles is usually going to arrive from the next few years. Transportation has to be multi-modal,” said Hyslop.

“The idea is usually which there is usually an emerging autonomous market out there along with also which is usually why we are creating Boeing NeXt to solve the problems in developing which.”

The aerospace giant also announced which which has embarked on a completely new partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) company SparkCognition.

Boeing said the collaboration will use blockchain technology along with also AI to develop an air traffic management system which can track an unmanned vehicle as which flies. The system would likely also allocate traffic routes along with also corridors.

Amir Husain, founder along with also CEO of SparkCognition, said in a statement which urban aerial transport had been estimated as a $3 trillion market which represented the “largest completely new market in our lifetimes.”

The Boeing NeXt division will draw through resources across the organization along with also if successful could be hived off as a separate company. which will be led by Steve Nordlund who will continue in his role as vice president of Boeing HorizonX, the firm’s venture capital arm.

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