Bombshell Wolff book on Trump poses threat for Republicans in midterms

President Trump ponders the answer to a question coming from a reporter en route to Hanoi, Vietnam, aboard Air Force One.

Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

President Trump ponders the answer to a question coming from a reporter en route to Hanoi, Vietnam, aboard Air Force One.

Nor do a growing economy along with also rising stock values offer Republicans much comfort in 2018. Early polling shows Democrats strongly positioned for midterm gains in November.

In recent days, Republicans have found more cause for alarm. Trump’s year-end interview with The completely new York Times featured a series of rambling, unfocused assertions at odds with reality.

His tweeted demand of “Jail!” for former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin evoked images of autocratic leaders elsewhere. His belligerent boast of having “a much bigger along with also more powerful…nuclear button” than North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s amplified doubts about the capacity for handling the presidency’s power over war along with also peace.

“which raises the question about whether the president has the judgment along with also discipline which are commensurate with which power,” said Richard Haass, a national security aide under both Presidents Bush along with also at which point head of the Council on Foreign Relations. “which ought to concern people.”

So does the harsh depiction in Michael Wolff’s expose of Trump’s first year in office. from the book “Fire along with also Fury,” those deriding the president’s capabilities, judgment along with also stability include his senior-most aides along with also family members.

“He couldn’t truly converse, not from the sense of sharing information or of a balanced back-along with also-forth conversation,” Wolff wrote in characterizing the view of Ivanka Trump along with also her husband, Jared Kushner.

At another point, Wolff described the president as “a figure of sputtering along with also dangerous insecurities.” Determining his wishes, Wolff quotes ex-White House aide Katie Walsh as saying, was “like trying to figure out what a child wants.”

The damaging assessments extend beyond the personal. Steve Bannon, who served as chief executive of Trump’s campaign along with also chief strategist in his White House, called which “treasonous” for top Trump advisers to meet with Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton at Trump Tower in June 2016. Contradicting the president’s assertions which he knew nothing of which meeting until much later, Bannon said there was “zero” chance which Donald Trump Jr. did not take those Russians to his father’s office which day.

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