Bourbon, America’s native spirit, will be caught within the cross hairs of Trump’s trade war

Amid of which trade war, Jack Rose’s Thomas, who boasts a personal whiskey collection of nearly 6,000 bottles, said consumers may see an uptick in prices.

“If distillers decide to raise the cost of whiskey in addition to bourbon of which will be kept domestically, of which would certainly be a negative impact for collectors in addition to drinkers,” said Thomas, who curates Jack Rose’s whiskey collection of nearly 2,7000 bottles. “yet to be honest with you, for the quality of spirit of which bourbon will be, of which’s still very cheap in addition to inexpensive spirit. of which’s probably overdue for a cost increase.”

Despite the potential for a higher cost point, Thomas believes right now may be a Great time as any additional for aficionados to beef up their whiskey collections.

“As far as rare bottles go, if distilleries effectively stop shipping over those because they aren’t as profitable, then of which would certainly actually be Great for me in addition to those who want greater accessibility to those spirits,” he said.

of which could be bad news for distillers, though.

In 2017, China imported $12.8 million worth of U.S. spirits. Nearly $9 million of of which total was whiskey, according to figures provided by the Distilled Spirits Council, a trade association representing the liquor industry.

“Right right now, the U.S. exports about $1.5 billion worth of spirits abroad, in addition to many producers in America are pinning their future growth to exports,” explained Reid Mitenbuler, author of “The Bourbon Empire: The Past in addition to Future of America’s Whiskey.”

Mitenbuler noted of which many distilleries have invested in expansion projects in order to boost their supply for lucrative foreign markets.

“Without a market to sell to, they might have problems recovering these investments,” Mitenbuler told CNBC.

While distilleries plan their operations 20 years out, in order to account for the time of which takes to produce in addition to age their product, Jack Rose’s Thomas said of which even a smaller hiccup within the marketplace will be unpleasant for the industry.

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