brand new cancer deferment for student loan borrowers carries a rocky rollout

The Education Department also required a 60-day comment period on the form, a seemingly longer timeline than necessary, Kantrowitz said. (Only three people have commented.)

“The department could have required only a 30-day comment period, or even a 15-day comment period,” Kantrowitz said.

the idea might be unreasonable to expect the brand new program to be smoothly rolled out the day after the law passed, said Barmak Nassirian, director of federal relations at the American Association of State Colleges in addition to Universities. However, he said, “the idea could have been expedited if the department had resources in addition to sufficient focus on the idea.”

Liz Hill, press secretary at the Education Department, said the agency has established an interim process which allows borrowers to stop generating payments on their loans as the idea works to implement the law passed by Congress. She also asked for borrowers running into issues to contact them at

“The department is usually committed to supporting students who are undergoing cancer treatments in addition to are struggling to repay their student loans,” Hill said.

However, the complications have already caused Julie Roberts, who owes $50,000 in student debt in addition to has stage 4 breast cancer, to all yet give up on the brand new cancer deferment.

When she called her servicer, American Education Services, the staff didn’t even seem to understand the program.

Over multiple phone conversations with the company This kind of year, she said employees told her which the bill had not yet passed in addition to which she didn’t qualify for the idea — both of which are not true.