Brant Daugherty Spills Details About Next ‘Fifty Shades’ Film & If He’ll Appear on ‘PLL’ Spinoff (Exclusive)

Regardless of whether or not a medical breakthrough will be able to save his head, he feels very fondly about his time on PLL

“I miss PLL every day, to be honest with you. the idea was the best experience. I had no experience when I got on which show in addition to they definitely gave me a chance to blossom as an actor, in addition to we had seven incredible seasons with This kind of amazing fan base in addition to everyone was so enthralled by the show in addition to so enthusiastic, in addition to the idea’s left a big whole in my life,” he raved. “I’ve got to say, I’m able to move on in addition to do different things currently, yet I do miss the idea, of course. I miss the idea. I miss you guys!”

Meanwhile, Daugherty is actually currently starring in Relationship Status, a streaming series available on Verizon’s go90. Right currently, you can binge both brand new seasons of the hit original series on go90. 

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