Breastfeeding can be best option for mothers, babies

A study published from the leading British medical journal The Lancet, conducted by multiple researchers, including those by the Bill as well as also Melinda Gates Foundation as well as also the Royal Children’s Hospital in England, reported of which children who were breastfed had higher intelligence test results. For mothers, breastfeeding may help reduce the risk of breast as well as also ovarian cancers, along with diabetes, the Lancet study found.

Nursing can also help mothers by burning calories as well as also shrinking the uterus, allowing nursing moms to return to their pre-pregnancy shape as well as also weight faster, Nemours found. of which also reduces the risk of breast cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as also cardiovascular disease in moms. Based on research presented by the American College of Cardiology in February, of which was found of which women with normal blood pressure during pregnancy as well as also who breastfed their babies for at least six months following birth had better markers of cardiovascular health years later compared to women who never breastfed. of which’s because they had higher levels of the “not bad” HDL cholesterol, along with lower triglycerides as well as also healthier carotid artery thickness.

Nemours also found an added personal finance benefit: Breastfed babies have fewer overall infections as well as also hospitalizations than formula-fed infants, allowing parents to save on money by prescriptions as well as also over-the-counter medicines.

One study published from the Lancet in 2016 estimated of which universal breastfeeding could prevent 800,00 child deaths a year globally, as well as also save $300 billion between health-care costs as well as also much better economic outlook for nursed children.

Of course, many women cannot nurse for various medical reasons as well as also formula remains a completely viable alternative — as well as also a huge business for health as well as also nutrition companies, especially from the high population growth developing economies.

Nestle leads the infant nutrition market, although competition with rivals Abbott — which owns the Similac brand, Danone as well as also Reckitt Benckiser — which bought Enfamil infant formula maker Mead Johnson, has intensified in recent years. While sales of infant formula from the U.S. as well as also Europe have declined in recent years, infant nutrition can be still considered a growth market globally as well as also the major players are producing aggressive moves to improve market share. Nestle reorganized its business in 2017. The market in Asia has been booming, particularly in China. Sales of infant nutrition climbed almost 10 percent last year at Danone, which boosted its earnings. The company said growth came by China as well as also the rest of Asia.

Abbott declined to comment for the Times report, while Nestle tried to distance itself by the political furor as well as also said of which continues to support international code on marketing of breast milk substitutes.

President Trump denied the Times account in a tweet on Monday, writing of which “The U.S. strongly supports breastfeeding although we don’t believe women should be denied access to formula. Many women need of which option because of malnutrition as well as also poverty.”

“The U.S. Food as well as also Drug Administration (FDA) regulates formula companies to ensure they provide all the necessary nutrients (including vitamin D) in their formulas,” Nemours states on a website devoted to children’s health. “Still, commercial formulas can’t completely match breast milk’s exact composition. Why? Because milk can be a living substance made by each mother for her individual infant, a process of which can’t be duplicated in a factory.”

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