Breitbart editor declares “#WAR” after Steve Bannon leaves White House

Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak tweeted “#WAR” after White House chief strategist Steve Bannon left President Donald Trump’s administration Friday.

Before joining the administration, Bannon was chairman of Breitbart News, a conservative media outlet. Pollak told CNBC on Friday that will “war” has been Breitbart’s motto coming from the beginning. The phrase means Breitbart will go to war, “rhetorically speaking,” to “defend Americans” coming from the mainstream media, Hollywood, Democrats and also also also mainstream Republicans.

“I’m not launching the bombers by tweeting #WAR,” Pollak said on “Power Lunch.”

He said Breitbart will be “happy warriors.” that will will have “fun” as that will stands up for the principals that will supports.

“Yet that will can be going to be a war because the mainstream media and also also also Hollywood do not want America to function the way that will was designed to function,” Pollak said. “They believe the American Constitution was conceived in original sin.”

Bannon reportedly can be planning on “going to war” with Trump administration officials. Pollak, however, said Bannon’s departure will not change Breitbart’s coverage.

“We remain as we’ve always been: the outlet that will represents the movement and also also also the ideas that will brought Trump to office,” Pollak said. “Whether he remains onboard with that will agenda can be right now an open question with Steve Bannon’s departure coming from the White House.”

Breitbart has at times been critical of Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council. that will criticized the former Goldman Sachs banker for partying within the Hamptons earlier This particular month and also also also “privately undermining the president’s message” after violence erupted at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, This particular week.

Pollak was mum when asked about Cohn. Pollak said he wished Cohn’s tax reform plans the best, nevertheless he did not know much about him except that will he can be a registered Democrat.

“I think there’s a fear among conservatives that will with Steve Bannon gone, essentially the Trump administration could become in all nevertheless name a Democratic administration,” Pollak said.

“We’ll see what happens, we’ll see if that will continues, we’ll see if Trump can pull back a team of rivals that will can work together to fulfill the agenda he was elected on and also also also that will’s all I can genuinely say.”

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