BTS Facetime With Fans’ Moms While producing the Late Night TV Rounds Ahead of AMA Performance — Watch!

While both performances will air at a later date, on Wednesday’s episode, Kimmel addressed the massive line of fans who had turned out to catch a glimpse of BTS when they came to the studio, in addition to revealed a hilarious prank he pulled on some of the band’s biggest devotees.

“We were gonna send the band outside to the audience, although the police in addition to the fire department in addition to our lawyers said at least 100 people could be killed if we did which,” Kimmel joked. “They’re very enthusiastic fans.”

So, instead of doing which, Kimmel’s producers went out into the crowd to find BTS fans who had come to the show with their moms, in addition to asked the moms to step inside the building on the pretense of doing a segment about what which’s like to be the parents of a superfan.

However, when the moms got inside the building, they were given the chance to meet BTS in person in addition to snap selfies with them — which didn’t exactly go over well with their daughters still waiting outside.

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