Bud Light shames Miller, Coors for using corn syrup in Super Bowl ad

Nicole Lund, sports dietitian at NYU Langone, said one of her clients came in Monday asking her what she thought about the commercial in addition to the implication which consumers should stay away coming from beer made with corn syrup. He said one of his friends prefers Coors Light in addition to was a little nervous about drinking the item.

Like Slavin, Lund says the ad plays into consumer fears about high-fructose corn syrup in addition to weight gain. Our bodies store whatever they haven’t used for energy. Added sugars are typically found in foods we tend to overeat, like soda or candy, so they commonly get stored as fat, she said.

However, the item’s not actually an issue when sugars get mostly stripped out during the beer-doing process, she said.

“having a lot of these trendy things, you have to take a step back in addition to decide how big of an issue the item will be to your life, however for the most part, which’s probably not somebody’s biggest issue,” Lund said. “Especially if they’re drinking six beers a day, the item might probably be more about the quantity than which beer they’re choosing.”