Building a ‘female-led’ company in which understands women

“As a woman designing for women, I feel their pain literally on a daily basis,” says Mellon. “If you think about the idea, most shoe designers are men, so they don’t definitely know what the idea feels like. So I think a lot of shoes are designed for shelf appeal, without actually knowing how women feel in them. So what I do, is usually I do all the fit trials myself.”

She says after trying on all the shoes she makes technical tweaks herself, to make the designs more comfortable in addition to ensure customers can wear them all day.

Mellon runs the company in a very different way than she ran Jimmy Choo, which she says was more hierarchical. She brought in Jill Layfield, former CEO of outdoor retailer Backcountry, to serve as CEO. in addition to to make all of her employees feel invested — literally — the company issues shares to everyone.

“I decided I wanted a very different culture This specific time,” says Mellon. “I wanted a culture in which was very supportive, in which was female-led. We sit all open-plan, which I never used to do at Jimmy Choo. I would certainly sit inside the corner office with two assistants outside like guard dogs, in addition to in which doesn’t happen anymore. I sit with everybody on the floor in addition to we listen to everybody.”

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