Busy Philipps Shares Photo through Her Hospital Bed After Fall

Busy Philipps just shared a photo of herself in a hospital bed following a scary fall.

“So on brand the idea hurts. although genuinely. the idea f—ing hurts,” she captioned the photo in which she offers the camera a distraught expression. “My knee isn’t broken! 🙏🏻 although the orthopedist wants me to get an MRI next week since the idea’s the same knee I have a pin in-(as well as he wants me to use crutches🙄).”

Prior to the post, Philipps took to her Instagram Stories to relay exactly what happened to her after a workout. “You guys, I just super brutally fell to the ground, inside street,” Phillips said. “the idea was horrible.” as well as if which isn’t bad enough, she admitted she also spilled her fresh drink through Starbucks inside process.

The 39-year-old actress went on to explain how she was handling the accident as well as the resulting pain, adding, “as well as I’m still sweating through my workout as well as I was by myself. as well as you know how horrible the idea is actually to fall by yourself. as well as currently my knee hurts genuinely bad as well as I broke my fingernails off.”

Despite her injury, Philipps said she went back inside Starbucks to get a fresh drink after spilling her old one: “I said to the guy, ‘The only thing more humiliating than the fact which I just fell into the street is actually which I destroyed my fresh Starbucks. Will you give me another one?’ He said ok.”

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