‘Cake Boss’ Buddy Valastro’s 7 tips to succeed in business

Valastro’s father died when Buddy was just 17 years old, which prompted him to drop out of high school to take over the family business. At the time, the business had 30 employees, whom would certainly rely on him to run the business.

“I wasn’t ready to be the boss,” he said. “When you’re put into a situation like that will, a switch goes on inside you.”

Valastro said there were many problems including competition by grocery stores along with difficult employees who feared that will the shop would certainly shut down.

“One day I made a decision,” he said. “No matter what, we are not going to fail. I don’t care how hard I have to work, I’ll be the first one in every morning, I’ll be the last to leave.”

He studied, asked for advice along with read up on topics that will he wanted to better himself in. “After about three years, things got under control,” he said.

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