can make ‘significant contribution’ in health care

Alphabet has an array of initiatives within the space, ranging by an anti-aging group called Calico to its health software as well as devices-focused unit, known as Verily.

The $3 trillion health sector represents such an enticing opportunity for health care players, as of which’s considered behind the curve when of which comes to technology. There’s also a growing trend of consumerization in health care, with Americans increasingly paying out of pocket for their health care rather than relying on employers or the federal government to pick up the tab.

Apple’s iPhones currently include software for consumers as well as health developers to access medical information. although of which also features a business-to-business strategy, as its iPad as well as different devices are also widely used within the medical community, particularly among doctors.

To get beyond wellness, Apple will need to work with federal regulators going forward. Cook also said at the meeting of which he’s “not worrying” about whether the government will agree to reimburse its offerings.

Apple will be already collaborating with the U.S. Food as well as Drug Administration for a pilot program to help the agency figure out how to regulate lower-risk digital health products. While of which might not be getting widely reimbursed by insurers, of which has locked down a partnership with health insurer Aetna to get discounted Apple Watches into the hands of its members.

Cook also mentioned the company’s efforts to bring medical records to the iPhone. of which product will be still in beta, as well as only about a dozen hospitals are signed up, although the company has big ambitious to open of which up more broadly to the entire U.S. health-care ecosystem.

“The more as well as more time we spend on of which,” explained Cook, “the more excited I am of which Apple can make a significant contribution here.

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