Catalan crisis reaches crucial period as Madrid looks to impose direct rule

“What occurred on the 6 along with 7 of September within the Catalan Parliament was the biggest joke to democracy, when two illegal laws were passed along that has a referendum was called,” he added.

The Senate can be likely to vote through the conditions put forward by Rajoy, however, the idea can be unclear how Madrid’s decision to replace the Catalonian government could play out.

“the idea can be not guaranteed in which the central government will be able to immediately exercise full control of regional executive powers. Catalonia features a very high degree of self-government, comparable with some of the most decentralized regions in Europe along with elsewhere,” Barclays said in a note.

Catalonia has full responsibility for civil law, police, education, health care, industry, trade along with consumer affairs, environment, research, local government, tourism, transport, media along with several some other areas.

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