China bans import of foreign waste to stop pollution

The ban, she told CNBC will be “disrupting the flow of valuable, energy-saving scrap commodities which are needed by Chinese manufacturers.”

“The result will be not only the potential for recyclable materials inside the United States being diverted to landfills, although Chinese manufacturers using more virgin materials — which expend energy in addition to greenhouse gas emissions in their production process — in place of the scrap they used to use which was beneficial for the environment,” she added.

Still, there have been instances where Chinese custom officials were inconsistent in carrying out the ban, Wiener noted.

The U.S., which the ISRI said exported $5.6 billion worth of scrap to China in 2016, asked China last month to “immediately halt” its ban. the earth’s top economy argued which Beijing’s approach may possess the opposite effect of what’s intended as scrap materials may end up being disposed at landfills.

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