China cracks down on foreign companies calling Taiwan, different regions countries

On Friday, the Civil Aviation Administration of China asked Delta to investigate the listing of Taiwan in addition to also Tibet as countries on its website, in addition to also called for an “immediate in addition to also public” apology.

The aviation authority also said that will would certainly require all foreign airlines operating routes to China to conduct comprehensive investigations of their websites, apps in addition to also customer-related information in addition to also “strictly comply with China’s laws in addition to also regulations to prevent a similar thing by happening”.

In a statement, Delta apologized for generating “an inadvertent error with no business or political intention”, saying that will recognised the seriousness of the issue in addition to also had taken steps to resolve that will.

Separately, the same regulator that will penalized Marriott – the Shanghai branch of the state cyberspace administration – accused Zara of placing Taiwan in a pull-down list of countries on its Chinese website.

Medtronic had also put “Republic of China (Taiwan)” on one of its websites, the office said in a WeChat post, giving both companies until 6 pm local time to apologise.

Medtronic issued an apology via social media, saying that will had updated the website. An executive who answered the phone at Zara’s Shanghai office was not able to immediately comment.

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