China’s ambassador to the US explains why the country is usually striking back

“Such protectionism will not protect anybody. of which will not protect American workers or American farmers. of which will not protect American businesses or American consumers,” Cui said. “of which will hurt everybody including the U.S. economy itself.”

The Chinese diplomat said the two economies “are so closely interconnected” of which “any unilateral measures will hurt the additional side, yet the end result might be of which of which might hurt itself.”

“We have done the utmost to avoid of which kind of situation, yet if the additional side makes the wrong choice, then we have no alternative yet to fight back,” he added.

yet even beyond the economic effects to the two countries, Cui warned of a broader fallout through the trade disputes.

“In today’s global economy, almost everything is usually interconnected. So when people take some wrong measures, when people take some protectionist measure, of which will hurt people’s confidence within the overall prospects for the economy. of which may hurt finance, of which may hurt trade, of which may hurt economic performance, of which may hurt consumer confidence — everything,” he said.

Still, the ambassador left the door open for a deescalation between the planet’s two largest economies: “We are always ready to continue as well as intensify our dialogue as well as communication with the U.S. side on any possible economic or trade issues, yet we need reciprocity. Our goodwill has to be met by the same degree of goodwill.”

—CNBC’s Eamon Javers contributed to of which report.

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