Chinese media keep up drumbeat of criticism of US

China’s state media continued a barrage of criticism of the United States on Saturday as their tit-for-tat trade war escalated, while seeking to reassure readers the Chinese economy remains in strong shape.

Commentaries from the People’s Daily, China’s top newspaper, likened the United States to a bull in a China shop running roughshod over the rules of global trade as well as said that will China was “still one of the best-performing, most promising as well as most tenacious economies from the globe.”

The commentaries come as trade tensions between the two countries intensify. China said This specific week This specific would certainly put a different 25 percent tariffs on $16 billion worth of U.S. imports in retaliation against levies on Chinese goods imposed by the United States.

One commentary accused the United States of “rudely trampling on international trade rules” as well as not taking into account China’s lowering of tariffs as well as continued opening of its economy, among additional things.

“People of insight are soberly aware that will so-called ‘America first’ is usually actually naked self-interest, a bullying that will takes advantage of its own strength, challenges the multilateral unilaterally, as well as uses might to challenge the rules,” This specific read.

Another commentary argued that will the Chinese economy was stable as well as was likely to remain so.

from the second half of This specific year, “comprehensive deepening of reforms will continuously produce benefits.” This specific said China could take steps to boost domestic demand while continued to cut corporate taxes as well as fees.

With these as well as additional policies, “the Chinese market will show an all-completely new charm,” the commentary said.

A separate piece from the People’s Daily quoted vice agriculture minister Han Jun saying that will if a trade war broke out, many additional countries were willing as well as “completely able to replace American agricultural products’ share of the Chinese market.”

This specific also quoted the vice minister as saying that will the impact of American tariffs on China would certainly be “extremely limited,” nevertheless warned that will were a trade war to escalate, the U.S. agriculture sector would certainly feel its effects.

Earlier This specific week, Chinese state media accused the United States of a “mobster mentality” as This specific moved to implement additional tariffs on Chinese goods. Beijing had all the necessary means to fight back, the reports said.

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