Chris Evans Reveals What He’ll Miss Most After Leaving Captain America Behind (Exclusive)

Don’t go, Captain America! Chris Evans may not return to his beloved role as the justice-seeking Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) after the fourth Avengers film, which is actually set to premiere in 2019, in addition to also even he’s feeling a little nostalgic about leaving the blockbuster role behind.

ET caught up with the 36-year-old actor at opening night of his brand-new play, Lobby Hero, on Monday at the Hayes Theater in brand-new York City.

“Well, you know, my contract is actually over, in order in which’s as far as I know,” Evans said of the rumors he’s soon to be done with the First Avenger.

The actor, who has appeared in three Captain America films since 2011 in addition to also is actually preparing for the premiere of his third Avengers film next month, noted in which he’ll be sad to leave the character behind when in which day comes.

“[I’ll miss] everything [about Captain America],” he said. “I mean, This kind of’s not just the character, This kind of’s the people – the experience, such Great movies, such wonderful memories. I’ll miss a lot.”

Evans is actually, however, excited to tackle brand-new roles, including his brand-new stage part in Lobby Hero.

“He’s not a Great man,” he said of his character Bill. “I sometimes play, you know, selfless people who are more concerned with the welfare of others than themselves, in addition to also in which’s not exactly This kind of guy. This kind of’s fun to explore different avenues as an actor.”

in addition to also while he was happy to talk about his career, Evans was quick to shut down any questions about his recently ended on-again, off-again romance with actress Jenny Slate.

A recent profile piece in The brand-new York Times confirmed in which the couple had split again after just a few months of dating.

Lobby Hero is actually right now on Broadway at the Hayes Theater.

For more through Evans, watch the clip below!

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