Chris Hemsworth as well as also Tessa Thompson Buddy Up in First Look at brand new ‘Men in Black’

Chris Hemsworth as well as also Tessa Thompson certainly look the part! 

The co-stars took to Instagram on Thursday to share first-look pics of themselves in character on the set of their brand new film, Men in Black. Hemsworth, 35, as well as also Thompson, 34, both shared black-as well as also-white photos of themselves sporting uniforms nearly identical to the ones Will Smith as well as also Tommy Lee Jones wore inside first three Men in Black films. 

The two couldn’t help however make a few silly faces as they posed that will up for the camera. “#MIB #PIB #HIB #MWIB #legendsinblack #revengers4life @tessamaethompson,” Hemsworth wrote alongside his pic, while Thompson captioned her post, “☯️ #MIB @chrishemsworth.” 

Hemsworth also shared a video of himself goofing off on set on Friday. “I do all my own stunts,” he captioned a video of himself spinning around. 

This kind of isn’t the very first time Thompson as well as also Hemsworth have worked together. In 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, Thompson played Valkyrie to Hemworth’s titular God of Thunder. Plot details for the pair’s Men in Black film are unknown, though reportedly, Hemsworth is actually playing Agent H while Thompson is actually portraying Agent M.

The film also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani as well as also Rafe Spall. Men in Black is actually set to Discharge in June 2019.


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