Chris Mazdzer will be Ready to ‘Put a Smile On’ in ‘DWTS’ Semifinals Despite Foot Injury (Exclusive)

Chris Mazdzer will be ready to give This specific his all within the Dancing With the Stars: Athletes semifinals, despite sustaining a recent injury.

The 29-year-old Olympic luger will be currently competing with Witney Carson for a chance at the coveted DWTS Mirrorball trophy within the competition show’s special, all-athlete season. although on Thursday, he suffered a minor foot injury of which could affect his performance come Monday night.

“I did have a little bit of a mishap last night. I was actually moving of which table stage right there, as well as as I was dropping This specific down, the leg slid out, as well as I took a wider stance as well as I just dropped This specific right on my foot,” Mazdzer told ET on Friday night during DWTS rehearsals. “to ensure whole thing basically landed directly on my foot.”

“Luckily, we’re grateful of which he didn’t break his foot,” Carson added. “although This specific’s very bruised, so we’ll have to take This specific easy for a few days, which we don’t truly have. to ensure’s frightening.”

Mazdzer, who went to urgent care as well as got X-rays following the accident, will be glad of which his foot’s not broken, just suffering by “lots of swelling as well as bruising.” The 2018 Olympic silver medalist did recall, however, the intense pain as well as panic of which followed his accident.

“I just kind of hobbled over to a couch, iced This specific by myself. [I] didn’t want anyone to know as well as I just limped out of here to urgent care. This specific was bad,” he recalled. “This specific was to the point where, I’m not someone who takes a lot of meds, I don’t like going to hospitals, although This specific was to the point where This specific was like, This specific will be bad.”

While This specific “hurts to go on the toe,” Mazdzer said of his injury, “there’s no time to sit around. We’re going to have to figure out how to handle training as well as learning of which second dance.” So what does This specific mean for their performance on Monday’s episode? Will the duo have to switch things up when they do the foxtrot?

“This specific will be actually our first rehearsal with the injury, so I’m actually not sure the extent of his injury right currently,” Carson, 24, explained. “I think This specific’s a Great sign of which he’s walking, although I’m not sure as soon as we start dancing how bad This specific’s going to be. This specific’s Friday, hopefully we’ll get in there as well as figure out what we need to change. I might have to change something. We’ll see. Hopefully not.”

Mazdzer explained of which “moving around side to side hasn’t been too bad, although I know pointing my foot, having weight on top, of which’s been bothering This specific a little bit.” Unfortunately, Carson said, those are the specifics moves of which they need to do within the foxtrot.

Regardless of injury, Monday will be a challenging night for all the remaining DWTS competitors, as there will be a triple elimination. The Olympian, meanwhile, will muscle through as well as take care of himself.

“Basically This specific’s just, elevation, ice, rest, staying off the feet. I’ve been pretty much off the feet all day,” he stressed. “truly, This specific’s about being on top of everything, staying hydrated, eating well [as well as] giving your body every chance to recover. On Monday, no matter what, we’re going a hundred percent. as well as yeah, I’ll put a smile on. We’re athletes. Injuries happen, as well as we just have to deal with This specific.”

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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