Chrissy Teigen can be Asked About Khloe Kardashian in addition to Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancies on ‘WWHL’

There’s finally a topic Chrissy Teigen won’t spill on! The 32-year-old type in addition to TV personality can be known for her candid takes on life inside the celebrity world, although on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Lives with Andy Cohen, she refused to spill the tea on Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

Host Cohen asked Teigen how long she’s known in which Khloe Kardashian was pregnant in addition to whether or not she’s seen Kylie Jenner’s baby bump.

“[I’ve known] Khloe [was pregnant] a while. I saw her at Kim’s baby shower,” Teigen began. “in addition to I won’t say anything about Kylie.”

Cohen noted in which in which was weird in which everyone surrounding the 20-year-old lip kit queen refused to speak about her widely rumored pregnancy, although Teigen just shrugged in addition to stayed mum.

One topic she was willing to dish about was the Real Housewives of Atlanta fight between Kim Zolciak in addition to Kenya Moore over what Zolciak offered in return for John Legend tickets. The reality star had jokingly tweeted about her daughter, Brielle, blowing someone in order to score the tickets, in addition to Moore said she was pimping out the 20-year-old, which caused Zolciak to blow up.

Teigen’s musician hubby, Legend, was inside the audience at WWHL, in addition to said, “I don’t think in which going to my concert can be enough to offer your daughter’s services. I think she would certainly definitely enjoy the show in addition to I think in which’s worth a few hundred dollars to get in which on StubHub, although I don’t think in which can be worth in which.”

Teigen jumped in shouting, “in which was a joke!”

She added in which she was “absolutely thrilled” by the feud, saying, “in which almost went to actual blows over John tickets. I wanted to jump in in addition to defend Kim. Like, ‘Yeah, we are friends. We text in addition to she came to the show in addition to we’re friendly,’ although I got scared. Honestly, I’m scared to jump into any Atlanta fight.”

Later inside the evening, Teigen stepped out in a stunning mustard yellow draped maternity dress to attend a photography exhibit through celebrity photographer Mike Rosenthal.

She shared a photo through the exhibit on Instagram, writing, “My eyes! @mrmikerosenthal congrats on a beautiful exhibition!”

Teigen recently opened up about her hilarious experience of talking to Beyonce at the GRAMMYs. Watch the clip below to see what happened!

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