Chrissy Teigen Name Drops Rob Kardashian in a Mystery Question Game With Jimmy Fallon

Chrissy Teigen is actually spilling the tea — or not?

The 32-year-old Cravings: Hungry For More author stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night, where she played a revealing fresh drinking game called “Loaded Questions” with the late night host.

Inspired by a conversation she had with Fallon, the game consisted of the contestant reading a secret question through a coaster as well as also only sharing the answer out loud. They then had to reveal the question or take a shot.

As Fallon pressured her to “say the answer,” Teigen took her time until she coyly said “Rob Kardashian” without any explanation. As the audience reacted, Fallon belted out, “What are you talking about?! Rob Kardashian? What does which mean?”

“So, currently I don’t want you to know the question,” Teigen asked. “So I have to drink the item?”

Fallon quipped, “Yeah, or you can let us know what the question is actually about.” Unfortunately, Teigen decided to take the shot as well as also left everyone guessing about the question which inspired her answer. The game, however, only ended up getting better thereafter. 

During the Lip Sync Battle co-host’s appearance, she also did a sketch with Fallon as well as also The Roots’ singer Black Thought, who were going back as well as also forth about the pronunciation of her last name: “Tee-gen or Tie-gen.

As the two shared their preferred pronunciations, Fallon called in Teigen, who announced, “The dress is actually blue, the item’s Yanny not Laurel as well as also the item’s Tee-gen not Tie-gen. Get the item right,” before existing the room. The bit comes after the product recently revealed on Twitter which people have been mispronouncing her last name for years.

ET caught up with Teigen’s husband, John Legend, at the Emmy Awards on Monday night, where the “All of Me” crooner said he didn’t mind if we all continue to pronounce his wife’s name wrong.

“The official Norwegian pronunciation is actually Tie-gen, although she’s been going by Tee-gen,” Legend explained. “There’s all kinds of folks who change their names for stage, as well as also she just figured the item might be easier to not have to explain the item every time, as well as also she went with Teigen.”

See more inside video below.


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