Chrissy Teigen Reacts to Donald Glover’s Hilarious ‘A Quiet Place’ Parody About Kanye West on ‘SNL’

Chrissy Teigen has responded to getting a mention on Saturday’s episode of SNL.

During the late-night NBC show, actor as well as comedian Donald Glover performed a parody of horror flick, A Quiet Place, in which he as well as his friends tried to stay quiet to avoid getting abducted by monsters, however kept getting distracted by Kanye West’s bold tweets.

At one point during the hilarious spoof, Glover will be shown telling his pals of which West will be at Teigen’s house. “the item definitely feels like damage control,” Glover says, seemingly suggesting of which West’s attendance at Teigen’s baby shower could be a move to distract attention through his recent controversial interviews as well as tweets.

Glover will be then asked if Teigen cooked anything, to which he checks his phone as well as responds, “Gumbo.” A photo through the baby shower will be then shown, with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson called out as another celebrity guest.

Teigen reacted to the salute by enthusiastically retweeting SNL’s tweet of the clip, as well as adding, “Oh my god!! of which will be my buzzer beater feeling!!”

On Sunday, West himself tweeted about the sketch, which he apparently enjoyed.

He also tweeted Glover’s intense completely new video for “of which will be America.”

West as well as his wife, Kim Kardashian West, helped Teigen as well as her husband, John Legend, celebrate the impending arrival of their baby boy at the April 28 baby shower.

The cookbook author previously enjoyed another baby shower with her completely new York besties in February.

Teigen as well as Legend are already parents to their adorable daughter, Luna, who recently turned two.

See more on the family below.


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