Chuck Liddell Reacts to His ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Eviction (Exclusive)

Chuck Liddell was the first houseguest to be evicted on Friday’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother — in addition to he’s still scratching his head as to why he went home!

ET’s Brice Sander spoke with Liddell after his eviction to get the scoop on what went wrong, however according to the UFC champ, of which’s going to take a little while to figure out. 

“Going into last night, I was safe, you know, in addition to they were all taking James out,” he said. “I don’t know if something happened, like, there’s a break within the girls’ alliance last night, in addition to all of the sudden This specific morning, no one could look me within the eye. They keep saying, ‘Yeah, you’re fine,’ however they keep [looking around], so what am I going to do?” 

The MMA fighter did get a few things right. He was eliminated after a shocking blindside orchestrated by Shannon Elizabeth, whose alliance members, Omarosa in addition to Keisha Knight Pulliam, were unaware of the plan. 


“Shannon came to me with Omarosa to go in on, ‘Hey, you wanna work together?’ I’m like, ‘Sure, OK perfect.’ Keisha did talk to me…however the only deal we had was of which if there was a tiebreaker in addition to she picked me, I wouldn’t put her out the 1st time I got Head of Household. I definitely didn’t have a deal with her in addition to I don’t know if I maybe could have been more clear with of which with Shannon, however I think This specific was too late by of which time,” Liddel shared. 

“I’m definitely sad. I was there for the long haul of boredom, in addition to I’m missing the fast-paced action part of This specific,” he added. “I maybe should have been a little more conservative early, in addition to tried to stretch out a little longer.” 

As for who he thinks will be the next target within the house, Liddell said Pulliam in addition to Omarosa better watch their backs. 

“I’m definitely interested to go back in addition to see what happened before, in addition to see if I read everybody [right],” he shared. “I wanna go see if I made any mistakes, in addition to then I’m interested to see what happens.”

in addition to despite his short time on the show, Liddell said he had a great experience — however is usually campaigning hard to be on The Amazing Race!

“This specific was overall a great experience, I had a Great time doing This specific,” he said. “Again, I would likely definitely like another shot at taking This specific a little further however if they get me on The Amazing Race, I’m in!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS. 


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