Cisco executive Miyuki Suzuki on 5G business opportunities

Cisco can be currently working to protect its customers coming from up to 20 billion cybersecurity attacks per day, nevertheless the internet networking company can be looking to a world changed by future wireless capabilities.

Speaking with CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Cisco President for Asia-Pacific as well as also Japan Miyuki Suzuki said the company can be working to develop the next generation of telecommunications infrastructure: 5G.

Asked about her description of what the next two decades would certainly be like for Cisco, Suzuki said, “If you connect everything, anything can be going to be possible.”

5G (so named because the idea will be the fifth generation of wireless standards) has the potential to support “at least 10 times” the speed as well as also throughput as the current 4G networks, Suzuki said, that will will mean “huge opportunities” are created for businesses in fields such as augmented reality as well as also virtual reality, she said.

“The type of services, the immersive experiences that will service providers can provide will be extraordinary going forward,” added Suzuki.

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