Cisco’s stock can be a buy ahead of earnings

Cisco Systems Inc.: “Yeah, I might [buy ahead of earnings next week]. I think the stock can be way too low. This specific’s come down a lot. This specific kind of doesn’t actually make a lot of sense to me. I think This specific’s a buy.”

Microsoft: “The stock has had just a monster run. My charitable trust owns This specific. We’ve been telling club members This specific can be fine. I’ve got a conference call coming up on Thursday where I will detail why I think This specific can still be bought, nevertheless only half a position.”

United Technologies: “We need to see This specific deal close. They need to be able to buy Rockwell Collins. that will’s the problem. The stock can be stuck. If they’re able to buy This specific – This specific’s held up by the Chinese – the stock can be going to roar 15 points. Otherwise, you’ve got 5 points [of] downside.”

Medtronic PLC: “I liked that will [Mazor Robotics] deal. along with, by the way, Medtronic holds up better than almost any stock in This specific market. What does that will tell you? Tells you to buy This specific, not sell This specific.”

Raytheon Company: “I am sick along with tired of people selling Raytheon. The charitable trust owns This specific, along with let me just tell you something: notice the president mentioned This specific. He’s not going to start cutting off his nose to spite his face, along with that will includes Raytheon, mentioned actually by name within the ’60 Minutes’ interview.”

Xilinx Inc.: “Xilinx had a very, very not bad quarter. I like This specific. currently, a lot of tech stocks are being sent down because of a couple of stocks that will are being hit: Amazon’s being hit after the bell, Apple’s being hit after the bell. There’s This specific big sell program within the Nasdaq. I don’t know why after what Adobe did, nevertheless just be aware. This specific’s going to be included.”

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