Cisco’s stock is actually a buy ‘right here’

Cisco Systems Inc.: “The CSCO kind should be bought right here. I’m telling club members of, ahead of next week’s big call, [to] buy, buy, buy! [CEO] Chuck Robbins is actually Great.”

Albemarle Corp.: “in which had Great numbers. in which’s straight up. I still like in which here. The numbers were terrific. Some people didn’t like the sales numbers; give me a break.”

Compass Diversified Holdings: “in which’s a black box. You have no idea what’s actually inside the thing, so therefore I can’t say in which 8.96 percent yield is actually safe. I just can’t do in which.”

BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc.: “Here’s the problem: I know in which’s Great, yet Costco’s better, as well as also I am always a best-of-breed guy. Even if Costco’s much bigger as well as also been around longer, I just think you’ve got to go with Costco.”

Docusign Inc.: “We still like the company. I know in which’s been part of the crisis of confidence in which is actually This particular group of tech stocks in which I think can come back.”

CSX Corp.: “I’ll see your CSX as well as also I’ll raise you with Union Pacific. They’re both great companies, yet I am a Union Pacific bull because they’re buying back a ton of stock.”

Caesars Entertainment Corp.: “Listen, man, the fall of a Caesar’s the balance sheet, not the stars. I say ix-nay on Caesars-nay.”

Store Capital Corp.: “This particular is actually a actually hard-to-understand real estate investment trust. I’m not going to go there. Some of these REITs are just houses of pain. I am not going to put you in in which address. in which’s just not right.”

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