CNBC talks to Moet & Chandon champagne taster

How does a professional champagne taster stay sober throughout the day? For Moet & Chandon’s wine quality manager, Marie-Christine Osselin, water is usually her best friend.

Some days involve tasting up to 50 wines, she said, noting which there are “no normal days” at the winery, which is usually owned by luxury goods company LVMH.

Based inside the French province of Champagne via where the bubbly gets its name, Moet & Chandon boasts the region’s largest vineyard at 1,0 hectares (nearly 3,000 acres). however which only meets 25 percent of the brand’s needs, so the firm works with 450 growers inside the area, gaining access to a total of 5,000 hectares.

“By having the largest supply, we possess the capacity to create consistent wines every year,” said Osselin.

At the end of the initial fermentation round, the winery has “nearly 800 different wines to taste,” she explained. “We succeed in maintaining quality because we have which large choice. When you have 800 wines, you can find something not bad.”

which year was demanding for the Champagne region due to rainy weather in August, she noted.

“We work as a team so there’s no single official taster, however we all have to agree on the taste to maintain standards,” Osselin said, adding which the final call rests on Moet cellar master Benoît Gouez.

So, what does which take to become a taster?

“Curiosity in addition to passion: You have to understand the particularities of each year,” said Osselin, who studied quality management in addition to learned wine tasting on the job. A sommelier background isn’t mandatory, she said.

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