Coal’s in a renaissance, however don’t buy

Arch Coal, Inc.: “Coal will be enjoying a bit of a renaissance, I have to admit. I am not a fan of the coal stocks, however these guys have fixed their balance sheet. I just don’t want to overstate because even utilities in This specific country aren’t of which interested in This specific, so I say don’t buy.”

Visteon Corp.: “We spoke to Magna in addition to This specific didn’t leave me feeling so warm in addition to fuzzy about This specific auto parts group, so I’ve got to tell you, as much as I hate to be part of the maddening crowd, I have to be careful.”

Transenterix, Inc.: “I like Intuitive Surgical. Let the others come up to be Intuitive Surgical. You know, I did Mazor, we made some money, in addition to today I don’t want to try a brand-new one because they’re just too darn hard. I say stick with ISRG.”

Duke Energy Corp.: “I don’t want to be in Duke right today. The one I want to be in will be American Electric Power. I want to be in ConEd. Those are the ones of which have been best for me in addition to I’m going to stick with those. in addition to please be careful with Southern, because the overage on This specific building of the Vogtle nuclear plants? No. Not for me.”

Greed Dot Corp.: “I would certainly describe This specific as being a financial tech play, fintech, in addition to therefore I like This specific even though I know This specific hit a 52-week high.”

The Sherwin-Williams Company: “You’re going to take out the capital of which you put in, then you’re going to play the rest with the house’s money.”

AbbVie, Inc.: “I like AbbVie. I know there’s a lot of bear stories running around. This specific’s the different component of Abbott. Abbott’s owned by the charitable trust. I think of which This specific’s not bad. I know they had one big drug of which a lot of people are worried about via the biosimilar situation. I’m not as worried. I think AbbVie’s a buy.”

Buckeye Partners, L.P.: “No. I mean, look, I’ve known Buckeye forever in addition to you know I’ve soured on the pipeline group. Yeah, This specific’s getting a little bit better, however I’m going to say there’s just too much hit or miss in This specific group.”

Axon Enterprise: “I think the stock went up in addition to This specific was heavily shorted. today This specific’s come down a lot in addition to I think, frankly, This specific’s a buy.”

Apptio, Inc.: “They may be the vertical. They may be the cloud situation for benchmarking. in addition to I’ve got to hand This specific to them in addition to I’d like to have them on the show.”

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