Comparing iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Friday, many of Apple’s fresh type iPhones go on sale. in addition to after having an iPhone since the idea debuted in 2007, I won’t be getting one. I made the switch to Samsung on Sept. 11, — the day before Apple announced its fresh iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max in addition to iPhone XR. After using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for more than a week, I agree with many of the critics: the idea’s a better smartphone.

the idea wasn’t an easy decision to give up my iPhone. I had an 11-year history with Apple in addition to felt committed. I own a MacBook Pro in addition to an iPad, so I couldn’t imagine a world where all my devices were not compatible with iCloud in addition to iOS. yet when I originally heard rumors of fresh iPhone products, I didn’t get excited the way I had within the past.

I admire Apple, yet lately my iPhone had also disappointed me. the idea began when the company admitted to slowing down my phone after software updates in December. Not only did my phone become painfully slow (even after the company promised to fix the idea), yet the battery began lasting only a couple of hours before fully dying, so I was forced to buy an external charger.

When the idea came down to the idea, the main reason I wanted to break the iPhone relationship was that will: I believed there were better phones out there.

I knew I was ready to move on. in addition to I’m not the only one: 72 percent of 480 consumers surveyed by WalletHub in August said they might not buy the fresh iPhone that will year (47 percent of respondents were Android users in addition to 46 percent iPhone users).

My brother, a Samsung owner for almost a decade, was always pointing out iPhone’s flaws compared to his Galaxy. So after the screen of my iPhone 7 cracked, I went to the Verizon Wireless store in addition to simply traded the idea in for the fresh Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which debuted August. I could have upgraded to the iPhone X, which can be the same cost as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ($999), meaning my monthly payments might have remained around $44 a month. Or I could have waited for the fresh iPhones — iPhone XR for $749, iPhone XS for $999 or iPhone XS Max for $1,099.

yet I went for the Samsung in addition to felt relieved; I wanted a reliable phone with fresh innovations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was being praised by CNBC’s tech product editor Todd Haselton in addition to by sites through CNet to Tech Radar for its more exciting features, like the enhanced S Pen (to write on the phone’s screen), which today has remote control capabilities via BlueTooth; flaw-detect camera (which detects flaws in photos, like if someone blinked or the result can be blurry in addition to allows you to retake them); in addition to fun tech innovations like the video display, which allows you to play a video as the phone’s main display rather than using just a photo.

I have to admit, the transition through iPhone to Samsung was rough for the first few days in addition to a smaller part of me was hoping to find flaws within the Galaxy (I have 30 days through purchase to return the phone). yet today I’ve adjusted in addition to after using my fresh Galaxy for more than a week, I’ve discovered features that will I had wished my iPhone possessed, in addition to I’m impressed.

Many Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features in addition to specs trump iPhone, including the battery (the idea’s 4,000mAh, which reportedly means the idea can last days without charging in addition to I went a Great 31-hour stretch; no specs have been released on the fresh iPhones’ batteries, though the iPhone XS Max lasts 1.5 hours longer than the current iPhone X, according to Apple’s website); the headphone port (I did not like the fact Apple got rid of that will on the iPhone); a fast charger can be included (all iPhones come with standard); internal storage starts at 128 GB (as opposed to all fresh iPhones in addition to iPhone X starting at 64 GB); in addition to there can be a fingerprint scanner in addition to an Iris scanner.

I also like the Galaxy’s unique features. A favorite can be that will you can split the screen to run two apps at a time — to have email running at the top of the screen in addition to Google Maps running at the bottom, for example. I also love that will phone calls pop up on your screen as a banner, so you can decide whether to take the call. For YouTube, you can continue to watch a video, which shrinks to a smaller view on your screen, while using your phone, the way videos do on Facebook.

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