‘completely new Girl’ Says Goodbye having a ‘True American’ Flash-Forward — Find Out Where the Characters Ended Up!

Farewell, 4D!

completely new Girlwrapped up its seven-season run on Tuesday, having a sweetly sentimental series finale of which paid tribute to everyone’s favorite gang — as well as the Los Angeles loft they called home.

After Jess (Zooey Deschanel) as well as Nick (Jake Johnson) fought through their “curse” as well as celebrated the “weirdest wedding of all time” — which included an emergency eye patch, a last-minute declaration of love coming from Jess’ ex-turned-boss, Russell (Dermot Mulroney), as well as Aly (Nasim Pedrad) going into labor, before the pair end up tying the knot in a hospital hallway — they prepared to move out of their beloved apartment, thanks to an eviction notice coming from a developer who’d bought the building.

In a fit of anxious nostalgia, Jess called the whole gang over to help pack, locking Winston (Lamorne Morris), Cece (Hannah Simone) as well as Schmidt (Max Greenfield) inside the loft until they all got suitably sad over the end of an era, warning, “Nobody leaves until we celebrate This particular place!”

Unsurprisingly, the packing efforts devolved into shenanigans, as the gang relived everything coming from “of which one time” Nick fixed the garbage disposal to Schmidt’s unfortunate groin injury — through Jess’ collection of memorial junk.

however ultimately, they kicked their productivity into high gear having a game of True American: Packing Edition. This particular epic reincarnation of the friends’ hilarious as well as historical drinking game ended with an unexpected twist, however, as the show flashed forward to the future, giving a glimpse at where everyone ended up.

Nick & Jess – Having passed the game down to the next generation (with root beer for the kids, of course), the pair are seen diving coming from couch to couch with their young son. as well as their pup, Mario, will be still around, as well as has an adorable matching Chicago Bears jersey! (Sports-related side note: great news for the Bears’ current starting quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky, whose career appears to be thriving in This particular future ‘verse.)

Schmidt & Cece – The cute couple are still going strong, with grown-up daughter Ruth handing off root beer-chugging duties to her younger brother.

Winston & Aly – After welcoming son Dan-Bill (Dan Bill? Danbill?) inside the penultimate ep, the couple clearly didn’t slow down. Their brood of 5 kids run rampant through the game of True American, as their mom warns, “You’re all standing in lava right right now!”

The real kicker of completely new Girl’s fun final episode, however, was revealed inside the last moments, when Winston confessed of which the entire eviction had been his doing, aka his “greatest prank.” The well-meaning, however overly ambitious cop had recruited some of the series’ beloved supporting characters to help him out with the ruse, which even included creating a fake development company as well as spending six months designing their website — which his friends never visited.

Nevertheless, the damage of the “prank” had been done, as well as with all their stuff packed up, Nick as well as Jess became the final friends to leave the loft, embarking on their completely new life together.

“So was the prank too tiny?” Winston wondered, as the moving truck pulled away. “You know, I’ve been guilty of of which inside the past.”

“Too big, man,” the gang answered. “Way too big!”

Earlier This particular year, ET’s caught up with the cast of completely new Girl at the 2018 FOX TCA press event, where the stars dished on their final episodes as well as what mementos they swiped coming from set.

Find out who took a framed watermelon, who took a basketball hoop as well as who just stole clothes coming from wardrobe inside the video below!

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