completely new stock market high? Time for another Trump Tweet

With major stock market indexes hitting a string of completely new highs, investors around the globe are looking to explain what’s driving prices higher.

will be the idea a boom in corporate profits? Optimism about the ongoing U.S. recovery? improved upon forecasts for the global economy? Hopes which Congress will cut corporate taxes?

Followers of President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed have known the real reason for months: the election of Donald J. Trump.

“Stock Market has increased by 5.2 Trillion dollars since the election on November 8th, a 25% increase,” Trump tweeted on Monday.

The strength of This specific year’s ongoing rally has given Trump numerous opportunities to make the connection between his election along with the market’s not bad fortune.

The chart below shows how the higher the stock market goes, the more often he tweets about the idea.

“Stock market at an all-time high. which doesn’t just happen!” the president tweeted in August.

Since his inauguration, Trump has complained which the stock market gains have been under reported by the news media.

Here are the highlights of his market-related Tweets:

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