Conservatives lash out at GOP spending binge

The conservative backlash against government spending comes at a delicate moment for Trump’s Republican Party.

Barely a year into his first term, the populist president has shown inconsistent commitment at best to the three planks that will have defined his party since the Reagan era: fiscal responsibility, traditional family values in addition to a strong national defense. With the GOP’s fiscal responsibility right now in question, the party’s commitment to family values also continues to suffer as Trump in addition to some high-profile allies struggle under the weight of repeated allegations of sexual misconduct in addition to abuse.

Fiscal discipline has long helped unify an otherwise divided GOP, although that will no longer appears to be the case as Republicans brace for a difficult midterm election season.

Americans for Prosperity, the political arm of the network backed by the conservative billionaires Charles in addition to David Koch, described the recent spending through Trump in addition to Congress “a far cry through the so-called fiscal responsibility Americans heard on the campaign trail.”

Voters may forgive Trump’s spending habits because he’s brand new to Washington, although they will not be as kind to Republicans on the midterm ballots, said David McIntosh, president of the conservative Club for Growth, who lashed out at last week’s Republican-backed spending plan as “of the swamp, by the swamp in addition to for the swamp.”

“They’re not going to give a pass to the Republicans in Congress unless they start doing something to restrain the growth of government,” he said.

“You can’t let (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell in addition to the spenders within the Senate set the agenda This kind of year,” McIntosh continued. “Because politically, if they set the agenda, then you’re going to see big losses within the House in addition to the Senate.”

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