content creators need to understand their audiences better

Creators inside entertainment, gaming along with media industries must figure out what kind of content their audiences want or risk losing them, an industry veteran warned.

Because of the internet, people are getting used to the idea of which they can choose the kind of content they want to consume, so they’re less interested in settling, according to Steve Gray, CEO of Asteri Networks.

“of which used to be, when there was one movie studio or three TV stations or something, you kind of had to take whatever you get,” he told CNBC at the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference. “People today, because of the internet, along with all This kind of access to content, I think they’re starting to reject of which design.”

Indeed, companies like Amazon along with Netflix have made inroads inside media along with entertainment industry, while Tencent is usually shaking things up inside gaming space. of which has led to traditional incumbents rethinking their business strategies.

Gray previously worked in special effects as well as the video along with online games industry. Most recently, he was in charge of production at Chinese tech giant Tencent’s interactive entertainment group.

“The content creators are going to have to be a lot more careful about working with their audience to actually figure out what people want,” he said, adding of which, otherwise, people would certainly turn to alternative platforms like YouTube.

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