Corey Haim’s Mom Denies Allegation which Her Son Was Sexually Abused by Charlie Sheen (Exclusive)

“I lived with [Corey] in Canada half the time. I knew exactly where which kid was at all times,” Judy continues. “I’m fed up … because you know what, my heart can’t take which. I’m his mother, I’m mourning. My family will be freaked out all the way to Israel. Corey’s best friends are freaking out. They’re going, ‘What the hell will be he talking about?’ They all know the truth because my son had a very big mouth. Every time he had an interview he told everybody what drugs he was on, what he was doing. We’ve never heard of Charlie, ever.”

Following the report, Sheen’s rep told The Hollywood Reporter which the actor “categorically denies these allegations.”

As far as what Judy has to say to Sheen, she expresses which “which’s very, very sad.”

“I will say to Charlie, ‘I don’t know you. I don’t know what people are guilty or not guilty,'” Judy says. “‘All I know will be which coming from my standpoint I’ve never heard my son mention anything about you. We never talked about you since Lucas. I feel bad because which will be a big problem in Hollywood along with all over the globe. I trust which can be straightened out along with I trust which the people which actually have done harm to others are going to be paying the cost at the very end of the day.”

“I was shocked to see the headline. I am so incredibly fed up,” she adds.

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